24 Oct

New experience for your loved one’s birthday!

Life is all about the oomph moments. Birthdays are usually a favorite occasion for many people due to a host of factors. We would all wish for a fun and exciting way to mark such occasions due to the brevity of the day and the seasonal nature of such days. At times, we may be tempted to splurge the big bucks in order for the event to take shape. There are simply way too many intricacies involved in the whole affair. The assortment of delicacies, cakes, presents, high grade liquor and sumptuous food make for a costly undertaking.

Despite these numerous and exciting challenges, you should not let this put and keep you down. Life is best captured in the moments we don’t over-engage (you’ve noticed that right?). In addition, we have just the right ideas for you to get in the groove without necessarily having to part ways with your wallet. Sure, there will be a sizable dent as an aftermath, but in the end, it won’t be such a bad picture to visage!

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then you should consider some driving experience in Surrey, it’s a sure bet in boosting morale. You’ll get to feel the thrill of speed and the chill that entices the nerves with every amazing curve bend you successfully maneuver. Location is everything, we would consider somewhere accessible by both rail and road as a nice choice to celebrate your big day in style!


12 Sep

How to Create the Spa Bathroom of Your Dreams

Most people dream of installing brand new, stunning bespoke kitchens Sussex or bathrooms just like a spa – a place where they can relax, treat themselves and forget about any problems. Although it is a dream for many, it isn’t actually that difficult to turn your bathroom into a spa-like environment. Here are some tips on how to create the spa bathroom of your dreams…

  • Materials – spas usually use natural materials as they are more rustic and relaxing. Wood can be installed on the floors, panels, vanity and accessories such as mirrors. Other ideas include granite floor and wall tiles, or bamboo flooring.
  • Colours – cool colours are best to create a calm atmosphere in a bathroom, so use shades such as white, grey and blue to encourage relaxation and offer a clean effect.
  • Lighting – a spa-like bathroom should have the right amount of light that isn’t too bright or dark. Dimmer switches and layered lighting are best, so there is the option of low light when you are soaking in the tub, but also brighter light for putting on makeup.
  • Music – use soothing music and sounds to create a relaxing atmosphere. This can be done with a wireless speaker or using an extra wire into the bathroom from your home’s sound system.
  • Smells – aromatherapy can have a healing effect, so use mildly scented bath oils, candles, diffusers and incense to bring relaxing smells to the room.


08 Jul

4 Reasons Why You Should Become a Chartered Accountant

Being qualified as a chartered accountant opens up a vast amount of opportunities in finance and business around the world. Chartered accountants London and around the world are constantly in demand and are known for their professional principles, technical capabilities and reliability. To become a chartered accountant with abilities to anaylse figures, deduce business problems and develop solutions, individuals need a combination of both education and work experience. Chartered accountants usually rise higher in their careers, in more diverse and important roles compared to other types of accountants. Here are 4 reasons why you should become a chartered accountant:

  • Choice of Career Paths

Qualifying as a chartered accountant is the beginning of a strong career and you can go on to work in finance, business or accountancy in many fields.

  • International

With your qualification, you should be able to work anywhere in the world as chartered accountants are recognised and respected in every country.

  • Interesting Work

People may assume that chartered accountancy is a boring desk job, but the reality is that it is much more than just figuring out numbers. Chartered accountants will be the ones who are making and keeping a business successful and profitable. There are opportunities in all kinds of industries so you can choose one that you are interested in learning more about.

  • Good Salary

Even starting salaries for chartered accountants are pretty decent compared to other qualified jobs such as those in banking and law.

25 Apr

Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-900XWB at London Gatwick Airport, LGW

Having problem locating the closest parking to Gatwick airport? Get your answers at Tudor Rose Parking TripAdvisor.

01 Apr

4 Things to Remember When Hiring a PR Firm

Hiring a PR firm is a great way to get the marketing ball rolling to build a successful brand. However many companies think they can just hire a PR company and wait for the success to come. There are expectations to have when hiring a PR firm, here are 4 things to remember:

  1. Make your expectations realistic

Many PR companies will tell you to expect a return of investment between two and five times the amount you pay them. This may be true, but it will happen over a long period of time, and may not even begin to show for up to six months.

  1. Be prepared to share your goals for the business

For a PR company to do their job effectively they need to know all of the details about the business and its goals. The details of the business are needed to run a successful PR campaign that shows the business in the right light.

  1. Have time to spend with the firm

The involvement of a representative from the business alongside the PR firm is vital to run a successful campaign. Someone from the company must spend time and participate with the PR firm on a regular basis to provide an input as they know the business much better than anyone else.

  1. Be ready to embrace social media

These days the internet and in particular social media have become very important in PR. Your firm should be looking to build your brand awareness using social media which should be an important marketing aspect for the company already.

02 Mar

Why Hire Auto Enrolment Services?

Outsourcing your tasks to professionals who have specialized in very specific domains of activity can only bring you benefits. After all, nobody can be a specialist in everything, so hiring the right people to do things for you is of the utmost importance.

Why would you hire auto enrolment Kent services, though? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Because it can help you manage things easier. You are probably busy head over heels, especially now, at the beginning of the New Year. Setting your business for a year of success and achievement takes time and patience – so why not leave some of your tasks into the hands of someone who knows how to do it professionally, accurately and efficiently?
  • Because auto enrolment is absolutely mandatory. Legislation requires that all companies register their employees in an auto enrolment pension scheme by November 2017 – so you have a few months at your disposal to ensure everything is set up and according to the law. Hire someone to do this for you and you will be able to focus on everything else business-related.
  • Because it shows your employees you care. If you are like most of the other business owners out there, you want your employees to trust you with their loyalty. Hiring real professionals to take care of something that’s ultimately beneficial for them will show them you care about them and their satisfaction.

Looking for the BEST auto enrolment company? Here’s where you will find it!

28 Feb

Top Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpets are exposed to a lot of different foot traffic and spills when installed in the home. While carpet is beneficial in so many ways, it can be frustrating when it comes to cleaning it and getting the stains out. If you’re wanting to get your carpet cleaner than it is, here’s some top art of living group tips on how to clean carpets the right way. Let’s take a look now.

  1. Vacuum your carpet once a week or more often where heavier foot traffic may be present. By vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis you’ll be able to prolong its life without the risk of dust and dirt particles from building up and deteriorating the carpet fibres.
  2. Take your time while vacuuming as some dirt may be trapped deep within the carpet. For the best clean, work on each section of carpet slowly to ensure the dust and dirt gets sucked up.
  3. Use a cleaner on stains that can be vacuumed. These days there’s some different cleaners available that can help to remove stains better with the excess cleaner being able to be vacuumed up.

As you can see when cleaning your carpet, it’s all about how you vacuum and what you use. By taking these tips into consideration you can easily find the perfect cleaning tips that are just right for your individual needs and your carpet type. So are you ready to clean your carpets and remove the stains?

25 Feb

Organising an Unforgettable Stag Do

If you have been given the honourable title of best man, then you will be in charge of organising the stag do for the groom and the pressure is on to make it an unforgettable experience. To begin with you must work out the budget, who to invite, where to go and if there will be a theme. Most importantly though, you must decide what you will do and if an activity will be included. Here is a list of activities which will be loads of fun for the guys and make the day or night a truly memorable one:


Get messy with the men and go paintballing, a really fun and adventurous activity. Divide in to two teams and hunt each other down with your guns and paint balls.


If the weather is nice enough why not organise a game of golf for all of the guys. If you want to play after dark or if the weather conditions are not great then why not try something different and organise a golf simulation at a golf driving range Crawley or at similar centres across the country.


Race each other round a track and enjoy some competition with go-karting. Put your feet down and enjoy the speed of these little cars as you race each other to the final.

Travel Abroad

If the budget can stretch to include flights and accommodation, why not go abroad with the lads for a stag do weekend.