25 Feb

Organising an Unforgettable Stag Do

If you have been given the honourable title of best man, then you will be in charge of organising the stag do for the groom and the pressure is on to make it an unforgettable experience. To begin with you must work out the budget, who to invite, where to go and if there will be a theme. Most importantly though, you must decide what you will do and if an activity will be included. Here is a list of activities which will be loads of fun for the guys and make the day or night a truly memorable one:


Get messy with the men and go paintballing, a really fun and adventurous activity. Divide in to two teams and hunt each other down with your guns and paint balls.


If the weather is nice enough why not organise a game of golf for all of the guys. If you want to play after dark or if the weather conditions are not great then why not try something different and organise a golf simulation at a golf driving range Crawley or at similar centres across the country.


Race each other round a track and enjoy some competition with go-karting. Put your feet down and enjoy the speed of these little cars as you race each other to the final.

Travel Abroad

If the budget can stretch to include flights and accommodation, why not go abroad with the lads for a stag do weekend.

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