21 Feb

Top Tiling Tricks To Try In Your Home

If you are organising a do it yourself project for a bathroom renovation and are up to the tiling stage, then here are a few pointers.

  • Make sure the area to be tiled is clean from dirt, soap scum and anything else. Tiles won’t stick to a dirty area.
  • If tiling a wall find the centre with a plumb line this keeps the Porcelanosa tiles
  • If laying a floor find the centre of the floor and layout the tiles. Adjust the floor line in either direction if tiles don’t come flush with the walls.
  • When beginning to lay, the tiles do sections and use spacers and these will keep the tiles evenly space for grouting. Do sections at a time.
  • If you have to make odd shaped pieces of tiles, then do this once you have finished with the solid ones in each section.
  • When ordering the tiles, you want get a number of extras, probably around ten percent more, this will account for errors in calculations and breaking of tiles during laying.
  • Use a ledger board to begin with this helps in correctly laying the tiles at the start of the project.
  • If you have to cut tiles mark them with a grease pencil.
  • When drilling a tile the use of a diamond tip drill will make all the difference.
  • Once you have stuck the tiles down give the whole area you are working on, around twenty-four house to dry out before beginning the grouting process.
  • Use a sealer on the grout around every six month to keep it in good condition.

As you can see there’s a few different tiling tips to help get you started. Are you ready to start your tiling?



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